On Tour Songkick concerts not showing in my artist page


On Tour Songkick concerts not showing in my artist page


I ve started to use this songkick feature a couple months ago. It worked the first time only.

I don't know if any changes have been made. I asked songkick support team and they told me that everything is ok on their side.

Can you please take a look?


Songkick artist page: https://www.songkick.com/artists/7091789-los-antiguos

Spotify Artist URI: spotify:artist:25WqiGGqVjN0gLpVHqaP91


Songkick Case #: 393739

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Now it is working, BUT I made a change days ago (an organiser changed the date) and I added some new concert but the changes are not showing. Difficult to say whether is an issue in Spotify, on Songkick, or in the communication.


In the internet era is extemely difficult to believe that a small change can last weeks to be implemented. I'm not really complaining, is a sincere astonishment.


great, as for today (30 sep 2016) one of the changes on Songkick (the date of one concert) shows on Spotify 🙂

I wonder whether those changes are manually curated and that's the reason why it take so long (?) Some rocket science about that?