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[Onkyo TX-NR727] Songs unavailible


[Onkyo TX-NR727] Songs unavailible

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I wonder if there is a difference between lissening to a song from my PC and from my new Onkyo A/V reciver?

Songs that is availble from my PC is not availble on the reciver and that is on the same day, hour and account.




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Re: [Onkyo TX-NR727] Songs unavailible

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Are those Songs shown in the "Local Files" tab of your PC? 

If so, your Onkyo won't be able to play them (unless they can be matched to ones in the Spotify catalogue) since it doesn't have access to those local files on your computer. 

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Re: [Onkyo TX-NR727] Songs unavailible

Casual Listener

Hi Peter!


All the songs comes from Spotify, no local files in this case.