Onkyo reciever not showing in Spotify Connect list.


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Yep, that's correct. I know its not the solution to this topic, but I wanted to have a seamless solution and not fidde!ing around with onkyo apps on the phone or firmware issues etc, so my uncle recommended me a system called "Bluesound" which is fantastic. It can stream from all major services like Spotify (connect) Tidal, Deezer, And also Tunein. It's connected to my Onkyo using an optical cable and the box itself is connected via an Ethernet cable to my router. Its like a stand-alone system which is linked to my receiver. 


Sorry for being so off topic....





Re: Onkyo reciever not showing in Spotify Connect list.


I had the same problem here on my TX-NR626.


My receiver had a wired LAN connection, and never showed up as a Spotify Connect device.


But after I tried to use WiFi on my receiver, it's listed in Spotify. It's still buggy, sometimes it stops playing and don't show up anymore. When I unplug my 626, as mentioned above, it will work again fo a while.


I'm happy it works now, but still prefer to use a wired connection..



Before I found out it works on WiFi I have sent an e-mail to Onkyo about this.

Onkyo Customer Care:
this issue seems to be a Spotify cash problem. With an Android device it is possible to clear the cash. Unfotunaly not with iOS. We are in contact with Spotify to solve this problem. 

They also gave me advice to do a full reset on my receiver, reset my router and reinstall the Spotify app, but didn't solve the problem.




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Hello there,


I have the same problem with my Onkyo TX-NR626. I can´t view my amplifier form my android mobile using Spotify Connect, but if I try to connect from my PS3 that is connected to the same router I don't have any problem, I can play and control everything from my mobile. Please anyone can tell what can I do to resolve this issue with my Onkyo Amplifier?



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I have an Onkyo TX-8050. It won't show up in the Spotify Connect, though the device is listed in:


I have installed the latest firmware; the device is in the same WiFi network; and the Onkyo is listed in the multi-media devices in the network environment on my PC.


From the Onlyo-device itself it is possible to connect to Spotify.

However, if I start Spotify on  my PC and press "connect" , the Onkyo doesn't show up. Other devices (my android phone, an iPad) do show up, but the Onkyo remains invisible.

I have tried several things, like switching the Onkyo on and off; disconnect the wifi and reconnect it; restart the app on my PC. Nothing works until now.

It would be great if you could help me out, here.

-- Karel




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Just bought 535 and trying to connect it to Spotify.

Onkyo does not appear on the list of devices, however it mentioned, that only Premium accounts can use this feature.


Playing music through blue tooth now.



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I bought a Onkyo NR535 yesterday just because it claimed to be Spotify compliant but it didn't work through  Connect.

Today I followed your suggestion several times but nothing ..

Finally, I tried ti configue WiFi instead of the cable connection and now IT WORKS perfectly (even though this is nonsense!!)

Thank You !!!!!!

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I have a TX-1010 and had limited success cold booting the receiver.
I installed Spotify on the PS4 to go that way and now the PS4 comes up on the connection list AND my ONKYO 1010. Now playing direct through the receiver no problems at all
Absolutely no reason this should work but does anyway

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My tx nr515 doesn't show up either.... Worked after I upgraded the firmware...the onkyo Android app connects OK....very annoying

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Ditto what msellars said. TX-NR515. I swear that it *has* worked, but not in the past week. 


My solution was to buy a decent pair of speakers and attach them directly to my computer through the sound card and a dedicated amplifier. But I'd rather be playing through my Onkyo and Polk towers.


fwiw, I actually have two TX-NR515s. One is connected to wireless network, one is Ethernet wired directly through the router. On the one wired directly through the router, the receiver's network connection is stable, and all network services work EXCEPT Spotify. One the one with the Onkyo wireless dongle, the network connectivity is "sporadic", but when it does connect, it usually also shows up on the Spotify list.


My PC and Android phone are both on the wireless network, and they both play Spotify and I can send the audio from the PC to the phone and vice versa. 


I can't think of why wireless vs. wired would make a difference since both are on the same subnet, i.e. IP address range, but perhaps that has something to do with it.

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My Onkyo does show in The devices List - however the Connection fails when I Choose it...