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My Pioneer N50A no longer appears in my Spotify app.


I've been using this player since 2015 and I've never had this problem. I can see my PC and other devices, but the Pioneer has disappeared.


So far I have done the following

- Reset modem;

- Reset the N50A;

- I've reinstalled the latest available firmware;

- I turned my smartphone back to factory settings.


So far unsuccessful



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Sorry I write too fast and wanted to ask you guys here.

What year is your machine, S/N and firmware version your run on your N-50A? It's possible those devices don't ship with the exact same firmware depending on which country they're supposed to be sold - at the end this looks like then as a "region lock" despite it is not what has been targeted, just how the marke t is segmented in terms of firmware versions running on an apparently same hardware machine we all have here.


Quick heads up: I wrote now to Pioneer Germany (it where it goes for Swiss guys like me), this time directly to the hotline, let's see what they say - will share back of course my findings and conclusions.


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Firmware: I write when I'm home. I bought in 05/2017. SN is qaiv004416er. 


My S/N: OJIV001021ER. Manufactured OCT 2015.

Got now a ticket number by Pioneer hotline.



Hey all,


Since I am rahter new in this community how do I have to proceed to get a statement from Spotify regarding my issue? Mean: we can disucss this through for weeks or months and I don't get really a help at the end. Spotify pleeese some news from your side?


Great thanks, I will share mine here when I am home tonite.

In the meantime I already got a ticket number from Pioneer - you have to go over the hotline not the service center request ...

I also contacted the dealer who sold me the device - that one I am not sure but I try out all options here 😉 Thx


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Answer from Pioneer:

Spotify no longer supports his LibSpotify service, which was implemented in the N-50A.
More information can be found through their link:
(Not every model infected by this inconvenience is listed on the website)
They also suggest a couple of solutions which might help you further.
• Use Airplay for transmission if you have iOS equipment. 
• Use Bluetooth for transmission if you have Bluetooth equipment
• Connect SMART TV or game via HDMI if these equipment supports Spotify

It will unfortunately not be possible to provide a firmware solution regarding this issue, given that this feature will be fully stopped by Spotify.
The problem only affects older Pioneer models, more recent models will be out of the clear.
Given that Spotify is a third party content, their services may be changed, suspended, interrupted, or discontinued at any time without notice, and Pioneer disclaims any liability in connection with such occurrences.
Pioneer does not represent or warrant that content services will continue to be provided or available for a particular period of time, and any such warranty, express or implied, is disclaimed.
We would like to apologize, but unfortunately there is not a lot we can do regarding this discontinued feature. We merely offer the possibility to use third party features, but can not be held accountable if one of these features are stopped by the company in charge.

Best regards


Answer from Spotify (after several messages):


Hold on! We took a look and we saw that the N-50A model does not support the LibSpotify service anymore, as mentioned by Pioneer. Any other questions, just send and we will do our best to help / TH