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[PS3] Spotify app won't load


[PS3] Spotify app won't load


Hello, Community


I've been facing this issue for about a month or so, and for what I've found online on Sony forums, many other PS3 users have been through the same.


When I open the Spotify app on my PS3 i get stuck on the screen with the 3 dots, as if it was loading, but it never does. The system is operating normally as you can see the dots "blinking", but the app never starts. 


I checked for possible solutions and tried them all: reinstalling the app, logging out/in my PSN account, checking the available storage (over 50GB available), making sure my device had a 'system name'... basically everything, but the problem is not solved yet.


I don't know if this is a general bug or what, but is there any other procedure I can do for now? Or just waiting for some patch that will fix it eventually (what seems to be taking forever, unfortunatelly :( ).


Thanks for your help.

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Re: [PS3] Spotify app won't load

Casual Listener

If its anything like the ps4 bug it has to do with the language on your Playstation. Change it to English and spotify will start working again.