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PS4 not showing on devices available


PS4 not showing on devices available


I used to be able to listen to my spotify account on my ps4 but now i no longer am able to login. I pulled up the app on my phone and clicked on devices available and the PS4 is no longer on the list, just my echo dot. 

Everytime i open the app on the ps4 it says Log in or Sign up i clicked on login and it says to use my phone to login but nothing shows up on my phone. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME. I have looked everyone for a answer. 

Not sure if it matters but my account is connected to my facebook account so i can't even put in my email and password. 


What i have tried:

uninstall and restall on both PS4 and Andriod phone, clear the cache, restarted the both devices.