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[PS4] poor audio quality


Re: [PS4] poor audio quality


Same Problem here. 

Spotify updated the App. Ist Looks different now, but the soundbug with the Strange sounding s Letters ist still there.

Re: [PS4] poor audio quality


Dear Spotify and Sony,


You both have seriously let me down..... I can’t believe this problem as persisted for over 2 YEARS without any updates. Don’t advertise an app for a music streaming service that many people enjoy using if you can’t deliver the quality that they are used to experiencing. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time downloading the Spotify app for PS4. Unless you’re ready to sacrifice 5.1 channel quality for lame optical stereo, downloading the app will only frustrate and annoy you.


Super Angry,

Dissapointed Consumer

Re: [PS4] poor audio quality

Casual Listener

Recently upgraded my speakers and the poor audio quality is really evident now. The bass is very tinny and it sounds like there is some kind of stereo widening effect on. What is going on here Spotify and Sony?