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[Partnership] Back compatibility with Garmin Watches


[Partnership] Back compatibility with Garmin Watches







Garmin Vivoactive 3


My Question or Issue

I know that Spotify is now compatible on several Garmin watches, but do you know if they will be expanding and/or, when they do expand, if compatibility will be available on a watch I have already purchased? I love Spotify and Garmin is the premier running watch, so I would love to see this parternship expand!

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Re: [Partnership] Back compatibility with Garmin Watches

Spotify Legend

Hey @cmerkel2491.


Thanks for your interest!


We're always looking to expand to more devices. We can't say if and when support for additional Garmin watches will be added however. Sorry about that!


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Re: [Partnership] Back compatibility with Garmin Watches

Casual Listener

Why not? Seems like a reasonable question.