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Phone keeps "stealing" audio from web player


Phone keeps "stealing" audio from web player







PC, Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System

Win 10 Pro, Android


My Question or Issue

Using the web player. Phone has Spotify app and is nearby. The web player keeps insisting on sending the audio to the phone. I keep selecting the web browser and the phone keeps stealing the audio. ??????

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Re: Phone keeps "stealing" audio from web player

Spotify Legend

Hey @billrosenblatt, help's arrived.


That's not cool, and certainly not how it should work. Do you see your phone among the devices you can connect to when this happens, and when exactly does it happen? In the middle of a song etc.?


Also try a quick reinstall of the app and see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes, and if possible, send a screen recording of what's happening.