Playback on LG TV Laggy/Buffering


Playback on LG TV Laggy/Buffering




Recently, I saw that the spotify app had finally been readded to the store for my LG TV (the LG OLED55C7V) so I could once again play my music on spotify downstairs in my house if I wanted to, which is lovely. For the first few days of using this, I encountered no issues with the software at all and it all ran as I expected it to.


However, after about a week or so, and recently I have started to encounter a few big issues that are extremely irritating for me. One of these issues is that when using the Spotify App on my TV now, selecting a song has an extremely long delay compared to what it used to and I don't have any idea why, though this is a slightly smaller issue, as it sometimes isn't too bad, but it is just rather annoying.


The main issue however, is that when I am using the Spotify App on my TV, the playback is extremely poor. Not that the quality of the music is low, the audio sounds perfectly fine, apart from the fact that I have recently encountered a lot of issues with the playback being laggy, or it seems to be buffering. Which to me doesn't seem to make sense as it was perfectly fine before, and there have been no changes made to the TV, or any updates for the Spotify App. I would also like to point out that this problem seems to worsen if I have any other device logged into my spotify account logged in and connected to my TV for some reason too, leading me to believe there may be an issue with the 'Spotify Connect' feature.


The only thing I can think of trying to do to resolve this issue is to plug my TV directly into my router, but this would cause a lot more hassle for me due to the space the cable would travel across. And on top of that I can't really see my internet speeds being much of an issue since they are generally very high (generally around 300mbps download and 20mbps upload). This is the only device in my house hold having this issue, all mobile devices are fine, and so are the desktop PCs.


Thank you for any help with my issue!