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Playlist link

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Hi, I have been trying to enter the url for my playlist on exchange and it keeps saying enter a valid url, and I have tried this on 3 devices. 





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Hey @Wilma6, thanks for writing!


No worries, we'll give you a hand with this one. Just make sure you click on the "..." icon on your playlist, select "Share", and then click on "Copy Spotify Link".


Once you've done that, you try removing the last part of the playlist. Let us show you how it looks using the link of our "Today's Top Hits" playlist:


  • https://
  • https:// (removing everything after the question mark)

This way, the page you're trying to enter the link into will be able to read it properly (we added a space after the "https://" so the page doesn't automatically make it as an embedded player).


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day :)