Playlist max at 24hours?


Playlist max at 24hours?

Casual Listener

I've just got a message saying "you've filled this playlist to the max..." when adding to a playlist of mine. It's coming in at just under 24hrs of music long.

It was my understanding that the max playlist number was something around 10,000 songs, can anyone shed any light on this!?

Also, I don't know if this is related, but I had a couple of ads pop into my podcast listening (not part of the podcasts) on my iphone the other day, which is the first time that I've heard these ever on a premium account, could this be related?

My account is a premium account, but it's one that comes as part of my vodafone bundle, so I can't see if anything's up with my membership, though I can't see any reason why anything should be afoot.