Playlist not filtering correctly and not sorting tracks correctly


Playlist not filtering correctly and not sorting tracks correctly

Casual Listener

Ever since the addition of the "Add Songs" button, strange things started happening that hindered my listening experience.


I always sort my playlists by Album, and now for some reason, instead of sorting the playlist's albums with the album's tracklist, it sorts them by the ABC, this is really annoying me and makes it unnecessarily hard to find and play tracks, which brings me to my next issue.


What I would usually do when I wanna find and play tracks was filter them, but ever since the addition of the "Add Songs" button, filtering doesn't work, AT ALL, and I hope I don't have to explain why that feature is so important, when I filter something it looks like it's filtering the playlist, but it's not really doing that, let me explain.


The first track on my playlist, when set to sort by album, is Aux Cord, because of the annoying issue that tracks are now sorted by the ABC for some reason, and if I try to filter Joey Bada$$, I type that and the first track that I see, is AMERIKKKAN IDOL, again, because of the ABC thing, if I try to click that and play AMERIKKAN IDOL, it just plays the track that would be there if I didn't filter, which is Aux Cord, same with the 2nd track, the 3rd, and the 4th, the only thing that changes on the list is the text, it plays the tracks according to their placements before I filter, the filtering looks like it's happening, but it's not.


A video of this issue is attached to this post.


Please, if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated, the latest issue was just solved and now two worse ones appear out of nowhere, it's really depressing.