Playlist won't play


Playlist won't play


Today is my first day using spotify because i was getting tired of looped christmas radio stations online.  i found a cool playlist and when i open it and press play it will play a song or two and then just stop.  when i go back to the spotify screen, it looks like it's playing but nothing is happening.  I'll attach a screenshot.  I'm working so i really don't have the time to constantly go back and forth and fiddle with this just to get it to play.  It just seems like this should happen. Thanks!

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Hey @Jettagirl05! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Are you still experiencing this or was this just a temporary issue?


If yes, could you try to clear your browser cache/cookies to see if that helps? Be also sure to check if there is a browser update available that might fix this problem. ^^