Please remove Fuze Tea ASMR advert


Please remove Fuze Tea ASMR advert


I am not a premium customer, therefore I get adverts during playback - which is fine.


However, today a new advert has started playing, from Fuze Tea. I have no issue with the product, but the advert is an ASMR advert, and also advertises an ASMR podcast.


Can you please remove this?! It's absolutely horrible. It makes me want to throw my headphones across the room every time I hear it. ASMR is a very personal thing for people, some people love it, some hate it, and I am in the latter camp. I can't stand it. If I am going to continue hearing this advert every 30 minutes I think I'll be switching over to YouTube to stream music instead. This is a physical aversion, not just a thing I don't like.



I tried updating my privacy settings and since then I've never heard this ad again.  Actually I've started having a variety of ads, instead of lsitening to the same 2 ads all the time.

Might be just coincidence, but could be worth a shot. So here's what I did:


1) Log in to your spotify account (, and go to `Account`, `Privacy Settings`

2) Tick the 'Facebook data' option. I don't have a facebook account linked to my spotify but it doesn't matter.

3) Untick 'Tailored ads'

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Hey folks,


Thanks for posting your feedback in the Community.


We've made sure to pass it on to the relevant team, who will take a closer look at this.


Do let us know if you have any other feedback on this - we'll be happy to pass it on.


Take care!


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Thanks Peter. As mentioned I'm fine with adverts as that's the price I pay for no sub fee, and I don't care about the product - but perhaps the ad team don't realise that ASMR can provoke strong negative reactions in people, and it definitely won't convince me to sub to get rid of it (though I doubt that was their thinking).


I hope in future they will take this into consideration before approving an ad for airing.

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Thank you for your effort, I appreciate it. But I don't think a paid ad will be "banned" only because some people don't like it. The contract with the sponsor will expire with time and THEN we can just hope, that it won't be renewed for this ASMR horror to continue..

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This is getting ridiculous, honestly, especially the fact, that there's nothing that can be done against it.

I won't pay for Premium only because I'm FORCED to, for sure..


This is quite a spiteful way to do marketing, Spotify.

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Please let us know the following:

  • Rough time/date your heard the advert
  • Platform the issue occurred on (eg. Mobile, PlayStation, Desktop, etc) 
  • Operating System (iOS/Android or PC/Mac)
  • Version number of your Spotify app 

We look forward to your reply 🙂 


Have a nice day!


Thanks for your consern . I have the same issue and here is my info 



  • 10:31 (CEST)
  • Desktop,Mobile
  • PC ,Android
  • (Windows Store version)


Hi Daisy,


It's played every day for over a week now, at every single ad break. Without fail.


Using mobile android, app version


I didn't like the ad the first time it played. At this point, it literally stresses me out. Bad associations with both Spotify and the Fuze tea brand now instilled.




Hi Daisy.

  • Every day since last Wednesday (5th June), every 30 minutes (though I swear sometimes it's less)
  • Desktop and mobile
  • PC and iOS
  • on PC, on iOS



I absolutely despise this advert. I have been avoiding using Spotify because every time I hear it it drives me insane. Please get rid of it. For the sake of my sanity. It's EVERY TIME I have an ad.


Reese now also has one now. It's even worst because it's wet ASMR. It's a woman eating and whispering. I threw my headphones away from my ears.

Heard at 6/12/2019 11:00 AM EST


I started listening to a new playlist and it played:

1 song (around 3minutes)

Fuze Tea advert

1 Song

Another advert + Fuze Tea

1 Song

etc etc.

I am so close to just not using spotify with this advert on it. Will probably start using Youtube more.

Casual Listener

This b**** is so annoying, that I had to make a script to instantly mute Spotify every time it comes up..


I agree, i hope they get rid if it soon, i personally cant stand asmr and when im sitting enjoying my music with headphones in and just chilling out, nothing ruins the mood more than this add unexpectedly coming on and being pumped directly into my ears! I just straight shut the app down while i wait for my body to stop convulsing.


I have no problem with ASMR, but for some reason I hate this advert, and want to stop listening to it every 10 minutes.


i agree, it plays for me every 10 minutes or so and i have to mute it every time it comes on, it's so awful