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Podcasts are on Spotify now, but compared to many other completely free podcast players, they seem to lack basic functions. 


One is there is no option to 'Mark all as played'. If I am to start moving my podcasts over to Spotify, any podcasts I have already listened to (in some cases, 100s) of episodes already I would want to mark as done. I do not want to mark these as played individually (which only seems to be a function on Android), so why can there not be a 'mark all' option?


This seems like a fairly basic feature, or am I wrong?


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Hey folks,


We appreciate all your feedback regarding podcasts on Spotify.


Going forward, we would like to refer you to the Idea Exchange as it is the best way of providing your feedback on any features you'd like to see implemented.


There is an existing idea which suggests a change similar to the one many of you have requested here - feel free to add your vote to it here .


If you'd like to suggest something different, however, you can always submit a new idea for it.


For more info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange, make sure to check out this Spotify Answer.



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Re: Podcasts - Mark all as Played

Casual Listener

This missing feature has stopped me moving to spotify from another platform.

Re: Podcasts - Mark all as Played


There needs to be a setting to tell it to just play the most recent episode.

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I am in the process of moving over from my favorite Android podcast app because I want to have my podcasts synched between all of my devices. I need to be able to mark all as played to mirror my progess from my previous app. Being able to mark all as played, or to 'select multiple' and have 'all' and a selection would greatly help, and make this process easier for us coming over. Currently I am going through my podcasts and skipping to the end on my PC, and marking individual episodes as 'played' in the Andoid app. Please make this update (hopefully) before I go crazy!

Re: Podcasts - Mark all as Played


I don't understand how this feature, essential for any regular podcast listener, hasn't been implemented yet.

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I did even ask someone @Spotify to push for this - no result even there.

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Music Fan

I was in the process of moving some podcasts over to spotify to try it out, when I discovered this missing feature. This limitation makes it impossible to switch to Spotify from another pod-player. I'm not going to go through 400+ episodes marking each one as played individually(and that would just be for one podcast).


This is a real bummer. I wanted to switch to spotify for podcasts because spotify has much better sonos support than the podcast player I'm currently using(pocketcasts).


Also, you can't even mark single podcast epidoses as played on the desktop app.

Re: Podcasts - Mark all as Played

Spotify Legend

Hello @LexBud@halley_carleton@3DBlaster@bhanquier@BassManDan and the rest,


Podcasts is something we started not so long ago. If you have any feedback on how to improve something, we recommend creating an idea in the Ideas Exchange.


We're always looking to improve the app so we hope to see this idea in the Ideas Exchange soon.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Re: Podcasts - Mark all as Played


I hope you take all of the above into consideration!  I really want to only use Spotify as my music and podcast app but struggle with the lack of basic functionalities (mark all as played, mark as played on desktop and mobile, etc). When is the next release planned for? 

Re: Podcasts - Mark all as Played


Any news from Spotify on this? I too want to move over from Overcast (which I love), but am hoping to have all of my audio in one spot. Disappointing.