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I just tried switching to Spotify as my podcast player. The test lasted 30 minutes. 


After listening to the new episode of a podcast Spotify continued to play a old episode. I can't mark old episodes as already played. It's a really strange feature to be missing. That said, even if it's fixed there appear to be a ton of small features that need to be added to make Spotify a serious consideration:

- A queue of podcasts to play

- Prioritization of podcast in the queue

- Setting the # of previous episodes to keep in the queue

- Podcast specific searching

- Playback speed options

- Ability to download podcasts (and configure which ones get downloaded)



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foreach(podcast in podcasts)


    podcast.played = true;


You're welcome 🙂

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Sounds interesting, where and how is this supposed to be run?

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I think they were suggesting to Spotify that the code they need to implement is actually quite basic... which it probably is... I don't know why I can't mark all podcasts as played. I moved to Spotify from Apple Podcasts because in Apple Podcasts you can't order episodes oldest to newest. Are UX designers for these companies people who don't listen to podcasts?

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haha yeah that makes more sense! Wishful thinking I guess. I went as far as getting an Android device to be remote controlled by a PC using ugly cursor controlled macros to sit there and go through them one by one.


You can change the order of the podcasts to Oldest to Newest in Apple Podcasts though, it's in each of the show settings. You can also ask it to reverse the order of playback controls from something like headphones or a car stereo.

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Same here. Tomorrow I am going to play podcast and will not know where the heck I ended up. 😕

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Hey folks,


We appreciate all your feedback regarding podcasts on Spotify.


Going forward, we would like to refer you to the Idea Exchange as it is the best way of providing your feedback on any features you'd like to see implemented.


There is an existing idea which suggests a change similar to the one many of you have requested here - feel free to add your vote to it here .


If you'd like to suggest something different, however, you can always submit a new idea for it.


For more info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange, make sure to check out this Spotify Answer.



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