Post got deleted


Post got deleted

Casual Listener

30 min. ago i was posting some issue about audio lags in the Windows Desktop Thread. I got a badge for doing my 1st post and i changed some tags in the posting.

All went fine and as i went checking back, the post was gone. There are no topics i've participated but the badge is still there.

I got the impression that either my issue was critical or my additional complaints about the non-working website where the reasons.


I want to speak to the manager *sighs in Karenish*

Edit: After i forgot to choose a lable for this post i tried again with a label which doesn't exist (sorry, didn't know), after the 3rd attempt with a propper label i got flood protection. wth? I even didn't post anythin the last 30 min.

Edit 2:
Nevermind, it was marked es spam, idk why