Premium Means No Ads. So WHY Podcast ads?


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We'll be happy to explain a bit more about this. Spotify gives the podcast hosts the option to choose if they would like to have a dynamic ad slot in their podcast.


You can find more info on this here. We understand that many of the creators that you're listening to seem to be using that option but that is not something Spotify can control - it's up to the individual podcast owners if they choose to have that type of ad in their content.


We see that you have posted an idea about changing that and it's marked as new which means that people can vote for it and show their support.


You can learn more about how ideas reach the right teams here.


Hope this explains the situation. We'll be here if you have any other questions. 

Re: Premium Means No Ads. So WHY Podcast ads?

I agree this **bleep** been a subscriber for 5+ years and am a premium subscriber now. If this keeps up I’m out

Re: Premium Means No Ads. So WHY Podcast ads?

Same here. I doubt it will really change anything as they have millions of subscribers.

Re: Premium Means No Ads. So WHY Podcast ads?


I'm still in the premium trial period and came here following (JRE) and given what I've seen and the response to it I can't agree to pay a premium price just to get ads. If I'm going to get ads and interruptions then I might as well use the free version and get what I pay for.

Re: Premium Means No Ads. So WHY Podcast ads?

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Listen to this person.
If you ever have doubts about paying for Spotify Premium, just look up all the very simple issues that haven't been resolved for 3, 5, 7 +.
Its a complete joke, with the amount of money and dev power those people have.

Look up the problems like repeating the same songs over and over again. It has been happening for many years. You could basically learn how to make a shuffle function in an hour.

Spotifys best tactic is to have this forum where people shout and vent their frustration and have an illusion of something being done. Spotify is trash.

Re: Premium Means No Ads. So WHY Podcast ads?


Hey everyone,


Thanks for reaching out and voicing your opinion.


We understand where you're coming from and will make sure all your feedback reaches the right teams. That being said, we need to be able to accurately gather data on this particular request and we don't think that this thread is contributing to this goal.


In an effort to bring more visibility to this topic and explain it thoroughly, we have floated this reply by @Elena which has information regarding how the ads you encounter in podcasts come about. There you will also find a link to this idea that requests that all such ads are removed for Premium users. You can add your support there, we'll inform on any developments in the Status Update, as soon as there are any. 

We want to focus the discussion in the linked idea and gather quantitative data from everyone's votes. We also want to ensure the information provided here does not go under. As such, we'll be closing this thread off for future comments. If you want to post to contribute on the topic, please do so as described above.

Thank you.

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