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Ps4 app not playing podcast episode


Ps4 app not playing podcast episode








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When I play a new podcast on my ps4 app, I select today's podcast, and it skips to the next episode. I go to my Galaxy s9 and try it, it's working normal. I connect my phone like usual to the wifi, and I connect to the PS4, it immidiatly skips today's episode. Tried unregistering all devices, deleting the Spotify app on the PS4, looked to see that there's no saved data of it anywhere in the ps4 reinstalled and signed back in. I still cannot play today's episode.. any suggestions? Cause I would love to call a customer service place but good knows that's out of the question. 

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Re: Ps4 app not playing podcast episode

Rock Star 14
Rock Star 14

Hey there @Robertnes,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Does it happen in all of your podcasts or just on a specific one?

If it's happening on a specific one, please provide the   URI of it so i can take a look.


Another small question, have you already listened to the full podcast on a different device ?

It might be possible that the PS4 app considers the podcast as played, so it skips to the next available in the list.


Thanks :)

OneByBooRock Star 14
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