Purchased songs playlist


Purchased songs playlist


In the days when you could, I purchased a load of songs on Spotify which created a playlist. I then transferred the playlist to my i-tunes account. Now my i-tunes account won't play any of those songs - it comes up with a message saying file not found, and the purchased songs playlist  has also dissappeared from my Spotify playlists. How can I retrieve them and get  them to play on i-tunes.

I'm not very computer savvy so keep it simple !


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We don't remove the files that you purchased although we have discontinued the store feature.


It sounds like the mp3s you purchased have moved location. Have you tried running a search on your computer for the file names? You will hopefully then be able to locate the folder where your purchased music is stored.


Just give that a try and if you get a chance to write back be sure to let me know what operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7 etc) you're using.


Good luck! 🙂