Quality of Streaming on ONKYO device?


Quality of Streaming on ONKYO device?


Hello all,


I have recently been trying to work out what sort of quality of streaming I am getting through my Onkyo device from Spotify.  I have increased all my other devices to Max quality but am not sure what effect this will have on the Onkyo?  When I ask the Onkyo to display the info it does not, says "No Format".  Whatev's.  


Would anyone be able to tell me what the actual streaming is (I imagine it is 320 kbps)  but if it is not, Can I get it sounding better.  It does sound pretty good at the mo though.  Space Shanty!


Thank you 

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Re: Quality of Streaming on ONKYO device?

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Streaming through all Spotify Partner devices (including Spotify Connect) is at 320kbps which is one of the reasons it requires a Premium subscription.

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Re: Quality of Streaming on ONKYO device?

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Hi, i had the same problem and after a couple of hours i've solved it. The problem was becouse of my router configuration, you just need to foreword 4070 port to your ONKYO IP adres. It works for me and now i haw high quality on Spotify.