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Racism is not accepted in songs!


Racism is not accepted in songs!


How come you accept to upload/put a song that is fully racist and contains extremly xenophobic content. I want you to immediately remove it. White kids are bullying my son in school. You do not realise how much it affects my son´s mind. He is 8 years old. The result from this is my son associate his color of his skin with something ugly, bad and wrong.


The song´s name is called "Neger Joe", the artist is called "Fula visboken" Just to make clear, "Neger Joe" is translated to "**bleep** Joe" in Swedish. This song was written during 60´s by a extremly, openly racist.

The person that wrote this song i called Jonny Bode. He was associatet with nazi sympathizers. My message to you is; next time you decide to put something with racist content, consider your resolve!