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Report an artist for false streams


Report an artist for false streams


Hey, not sure if this is the right spot for this question but I didn't see anywhere that seemed to fit. I've noticed a band I follow might be falsifying listens. With just one song on their account, they've reached over 10000 streams since its release on February 22, with just 134 listeners. 


Maths out roughly to each person having had to listen to the song 74 times on average. The song needed to be played 111 times per day to reach these numbers. The math seems off to me.


The band is And Phobos Falls, the song title gets bleeped on here, but it's the only one on their profile with any listens. How do I go about letting Spotify know to look into it? 

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Re: Report an artist for false streams

Spotify Legend

Hey @Ossium, help's arrived. 


The play count is based on all the listens the song had since it was released. Keep in mind that if a user listened to the song from a playlist, it will count as one listen, but the user won't be counted towards monthly listeners. 


Further, if the track was released in February, that means that there are 4 months worth of listening to build up to the play count. 


The numbers are not considered unrealistic, but if you find something similar, with a suspicious amount of listens, please do let us know. We want to make sure the platform is fair for everyone. 


All the best!

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