Roku App - Serious Issues - Mod please sticky?


Roku App - Serious Issues - Mod please sticky?

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Ok guys I appreciate Spotify for developing a Roku app but to leave it undeveloped for three years is embarrassing. It is now so slow and unpredictable I know many people who have given up using it on Roku. By contrast Netflix is brilliant even the BBC are regularly developing exciting new content on Roku. They're publicly funded!! Come on where is my premium money going?

Anyone else agree?

Here are a list of current issues. Please feel free to update this thread with other problems you are experiencing and hopefully someone will develop this monster further or suggest to Spotify a redesign! Keep it constructive and together we might get heard by the powers that be

Current Bugs and Missing Features -:

Connection Issues frequently (won't load at all at the moment!)
Keyboard skips when selecting letters
Searching doesn't work unless you type full names/songs/albums
Missing Spotify Connect
Missing Browse Option
Missing Radio
Missing Top Lists
Dated interface makes interacting with the app a wholly unpleasant experience

Please chip in with your issues and suggestions.
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Re: Roku App - Serious Issues - Mod please sticky?


The Spotify Roku app is unusable on my Roku 3 (or any Roku for that matter). It pulls the first 24 songs from any playlist I create and doesn't let me play anything else. No Spotify radio either. Honestly, Spotify would be better off removing the app from Roku since it clearly represents complete apathy on Spotify's part when there is a problem with using their service.


Roku compatability was one of the reasons why my wife and I decided to go with Spotify. We were both severely disappointed when we learned that the Spotify app on Roku is not functional.