Roku Premiere+ won't load playlists


Re: Roku Premiere+ won't load playlists


well it seems that Spotify is going bankcruptcy, so thats why no longer support on Roku, Samsung, Marantz, or anything else besides Cell phone or computer App

Re: Roku Premiere+ won't load playlists


I have Spotify Premium and enjoyed playing my play lists on my Insignia TV no problem.  Suddenly last spring they wouldn't load.  I'm not happy paying for a premium service that is no longer premium.  Spotify should either discount my premium subscription amount or reinstate my full premium service.  How hard can it be to work something out with Roku?  Who is at fault here in this problem, Spotify or Roku?  It probably involves money but Spotify has no ethical problems with taking mine even after being party to a reduction in my service.   I'm not 12 years old so the array of technical issues and solutions make my eyes glaze over.  All I'm saying is a fix should be as easy for me as it was for Spotify to yank my playlists off my TV!