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I've had the Spotify app on my Roku smart TV, but I noticed last week, that I cannot access my playlists from the app. Does anyone know how to add this back in? It only has the options, 'Now Playing,' 'What's New,' and 'Search,' so I am not able to play any of my saved music!

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Hey @abigaillam07


An update from Spotify has been posted here:


"Due to various technical challenges, the Playlists feature has been removed from the Roku Spotify app.


We do understand your concerns and are working with Roku on how best to move forward with this app. In the meantime, you can search for and play artists, songs and albums, and your playlists are always available on your other devices with our desktop and mobile apps.

There are other ways to listen to Spotify on your TV too. Check out our guide at"