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Russound MCA 88X not broadcasting to Spotify


Russound MCA 88X not broadcasting to Spotify


Plan:  Premium

Country: USA


Device: All devices, ie: Samsung Galaxy s8, Macbook Pro late 2016




In our offie, we have a Russound MCA 88X that is controlled to an iPad. The iPad has the Russound app that usually broadcasts its source name. That iPad connects to the same WiFi as all our user devices, and in the past, users were able to play to this "device" from Spotify. Today we noticed that the device is no longer available. We've tried restarting the iPad but the source name still does not appear in "Devices Available".


For the record, we've had users connect from different Spotify accounts, to the Russound App on the iPad without issue. And we've been able to play from Premium and non-premium accounts in the past.


I will contact Russound as well, since I imagine this is on their end, but since you were able to help another user on here with a similar issue, I figured I'd ask.