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Same songs in Spotify-connect


Same songs in Spotify-connect


Hi there,

I have the following Problem:

I use 5 Phillips-Multiroom-Boxes at home.

Lets say, I have a playlist with 100 songs and play the songs A, B, C, D and E.

If I switch the device while I'm hearing Song E, this song E plays until end on the new device. So far brilliant.

BUT: AFTER song E, it plays song E again, then song D again, then song C again and after all, the playliste contiues (I choose shuffle).

Allways the same story since months...

How can I break these rules?

It's annoying, because I often switch between the devices and only can hear 3 same songs.....

No matter, how many songs are in the playlist and no matter if SHUFFLE is on or off.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Same songs in Spotify-connect


Story in short:

Everytime when I switch the device, the last 3 songs repeat.

=> annoying to hear allways the same 3 songs after switching device...