Samsung ID2 error TV


Samsung ID2 error TV

Music Fan

Issue description:

I have a Samsung UE46F8000 and some times I get an ID2 error when searching for music.


What I tried:

I have the latest available App from the Samsung Store.

I have the latest available Firmware on the television.

Reset the television.

I never have an issue on my laptops or phones on the same network, I event plugged my Laptop into the same network cable of the same switch port to confirm this.


How I fix it:

If I fix  the app and restart it nearly always fixes the problem on the television some days its worse than others.


Some observations:

I can see that many other people sometimes have this error and the only advice was to check for the latest version of television firmware and application.


Some questions:

What is error ID2, can someone give me some hints?

I guess I can compare a working to a non working IP trace to see if the error is on my side or the Spotify side, id any one try this before?