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Samsung Smart TV Spotify Missing Liked songs


Samsung Smart TV Spotify Missing Liked songs


Samsung 2018 QLED Smart TV

Premium subscription

All playlists are listed in TV app except my 300+++ liked songs.

How do I find them?

If I play or control from a device they play, but not listed on tv screen.


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Re: Samsung Smart TV Spotify Missing Liked songs


Hi! Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same issue and it's driving me insane! 


Re: Samsung Smart TV Spotify Missing Liked songs


I did some testing and found a resoultion myself. With my Samsung TV I did the following:


Go to your Libary > You will see "Playlists", "Albums", and "Songs" on your screen.

Select Songs > From here these are all your "Liked Songs"


From what I can tell the "Liked songs" that you normaly see via the browser/app/desktop app are "Songs" selection on your Smart TV.


If you want to test this yourself do this:


Play any song from a playlist that you have not liked, and like the song.

Go to Your Libarary > Select Songs > The most recent song that you've liked should be located here.


To see all of your liked songs scroll over until you see the More button

Here is some  screenshots of what I mean.


First Screenshot shows you where "Songs" is Located.

Second Screenshot shows you the "More" button

Third screenshot is just an example of me scrolling though all my liked songs.