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Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting


Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting


Hi! Thanks for the recent update. When will I be able to view album and artist from a playlist? In the works? Spotify on TV is awesome! Also, is DTS audio out, like the Youtube app a possibility? I always get issues when spotify wants to play 2.0 audio. I run spotify on the tv and push audio over optical to 5.1 reciever that can decode dts. Contact me if you want to chat about it.

Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting



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Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting


I bought a 43 "Samsung 43MU6100 smartvv and when I try to start the spotify app it takes some time to load and then the message" Error "appears and it will not leave the screen anymore. I reinstalled the app 2 times and nothing and the TV firmware already I was able to connect the spotify to another device and put it to repoduzir on tv at the time it is on the error screen but I can only hear the audio and the screen remains in the image with the error message. has something related but I connected the TV on samsung system with my facebook data as well as spotify. Help me with a solution!