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Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting


Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting

I have the same problem. It freezes on the logo page with dots flashing. I can still use Spotify connect from my phone to listen via the tv but the logo screen won't go away.

Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting

Casual Listener

Hey Pascal, 


i have exactly the same problem on my Samsung ue55js9000 running on tizen.

reinstalling the app, or hard reset my tv is the only solution.

It seems like spotify is running in the background, since i still can connect via spotify connect. But the screen remains on the pulsating three dots.


Really annoying! Anyone with a fix?



Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting


I cant believe that spotify cant be responsible of these issues, Im not able to see my playlists on my samsung smarttv I have already upgraded the firmware and the spotify app. Is pretty disgust  paying for an application that not works as expected. And too many people with problems and your support personel do nothing.

Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting



I have tried all of the troubleshooting tips I could find, uninstall then reinstall the app, update my Smart TV, update my Spotify app, logout then log back in, restart the TV... and my Spotify playlists still do not show up on my TV. 


Everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago and they work everywhere else (Iphone, Mac..), but on my TV the only thing that seems to work is searching every song I want to hear individually. I can't even search my own playlist and when I created a new account I had the same issues. 


Is there anything else I can try? 


Thanks in advance!!

Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting


I have this exactly same problem, of freezing app when loading, but it seems that Spotify won't work on this... This is really disrespectful with us consumers.


Why do you launch a disfunctional app to the market? Something that not only doesn't work at all, but crashes your consumers hardware?

Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting

Dear Spotify...

Please listen to your users...your App for Samsungs Tizen system sucks **bleep** is extremely unstable.

Sometimes it does not scroll when moving the cursor

Sometimes it does not find any of my personalised content even though I am logged in (and then will not let me log out...!)

Sometimes it stops playing music after 10-15 second..

And sometimes it works fine...

All in all a nice looking app with a life of it's own and stability non existant...

And for some reason I cannot uninstall the app from my 2016 Samsung UE55KS7005 (trying to do a clean install to fix issues)

I have reset the TV countless times.

Have spoken to Samsung support and they are very clear: the functionality of the app is YOUR responsibility, not theirs.

Please LISTEN TO and ANSWER your consumers, at the end of the day we are putting money in your pocket and you would not exist without us.

Christian Barnkob - Denmark

Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting


That's it. I've just uninstalled this app, because it's total garbage.

Sound quality is really bad in Spotify on Samsung TV


Just got a Samsung 4K TV and sound system connected via HDMI. The sound quality is terrible with distortion, background noise, and missing depth. This sounds awful. If I connect my phone via bluetooth, it sounds amazing. I don't see any sound quality settings, but even if it was 160 kbps, something is definitely wrong. 160 kbps wouldn't introduce static and noise - other apps using the same HDMI connection and sound system sound great. Is there an issue with the app on Samsung TVs? Can you please help fix this? This is a KS800D TV.

Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting


2017 Tizen new TV.

Spotify freezes all the time. You need  to unplug tv and wait a while then it works again but only once. Terrible an unusable. 

Re: Samsung Smart TV - Troubleshooting


Not one song passes that doesn't "freeze" for a second somewhere in the middle, breaking the climax completely. Really annoying :(