Samsung Smart TV and Spotify Unlimited


Samsung Smart TV and Spotify Unlimited


I can hardly imagine nobody asked this before. But I could not find anything about in when I searched this community. So why not ask? 


Because I am a non daily Spotify user, I downgraded from Premium to Unlimited some weeks ago. I just discovered that it is impossible to use the Spotify app on my Samsung Smart TV (2013 E4000 series)  using an Unlimited accound. Can anybody tell me why? And, more mportant, can anyone tell me if this is going to change in the near future?


thank you.



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Re: Samsung Smart TV and Spotify Unlimited

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Almost all of the partner apps are built on top of the libspotify SDK which has always required a Premium subscription to use.

With Unlimited now pretty much being phased out (no longer advertised to new customers or available in new markets) I think a change to make it happen is unlikely but that is just my opinion.

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