Samsung Smartwatch Spotify App needs an update! Many issues and bugs


Samsung Smartwatch Spotify App needs an update! Many issues and bugs







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The Spotify App for Samsung Smartwatches is in a desperate need of an update! It's great that the "offline" mode now exists, although there are far too many bugs and features missing.


  1. Please add "Shuffle" to Offline mode.
  2. Bug - When playing a songs from your playlist in offline mode, it will not always play the next song on your list. Sometimes it will skip back up to the first song on your playlist....Example: I will scroll down my playlist to play a song, and if I attempt to "skip", or play the next track it will take me back to the very first song on my playlist instead of playing what should been next.
  3. Can only play downloaded playlists on "offline" mode, no other features are available even if you have an active Wifi connection.  It would be nice to be able to stream music as long as a internet connection is active.  (non LTE watches)
  4. Bug- App has a hard time knowing if it has an active internet connection, or a bluetooth connection to the phone.
  5. Bug- Issues with playlist syncing/downloading properly.


Overall- The Spoify App for Samsung Smartwatches reaaaalllllyyyyyy needs an update as many would love to see more features and regular updates to fix software issues/bugs.


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Re: Samsung Smartwatch Spotify App needs an update! Many issues and bugs

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Hey @DtotheJ, we're here to help!


Regarding the Shuffle feature for Offline Mode, it's currently not implemented, but please add a vote here. The more people vote for it the more likely it is that we implement it. 


Regarding the third point, the Offline Mode doesn't consider internet connection on any device, and will always only make music you have downloaded for offline listening accessible.


We'd like to have more info about the other issues you're experiencing. First, please try to:


  • Reinstall app on the phone
  • Reinstall app on the watch
  • Re-pair the watch with Bluetooth


If this doesn't work, could you send us a video of point 2 and examples of point 4 and 5? 


Also let us know the exact model of your smartwatch, and the model/OS version of any device you use it with. 




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The Spotify app on Samsung smart watched is really buggy. 

I started a topic a while ago but none of these have been fixed. :(  I was really expecting an update with the new Samsung wear launch.

Re: Samsung Smartwatch Spotify App needs an update! Many issues and bugs


 I agree, it's not as smooth as it should be 

Re: Samsung Smartwatch Spotify App needs an update! Many issues and bugs


Agree - there is now competition as well - Tidal have released an app that streams music and offers similar functionality on the Galaxy watch  - while also quite buggy -at least they are releasing updates - the biggest issue with the Spotify app is that it starts playing after a hanging up a call - this is completely unacceptable and I cannot understand how Samsung and Spotify think it okay not to release an emergency fix to stop this. 

No matter what I have tried this problem persists - the others are livable but this one is a show stopper 

They are losing clients because of this. 

Also ironic since  Samsung and Spotify are meant to be Partners


Re: Samsung Smartwatch Spotify App needs an update! Many issues and bugs


The fact that the app thinks it is offline when it isn't is annoying, but even more annoying is that it thinks it needs to be online to play *downloaded* playlists. This should be a single if statement fix, unless the app is getting information from the internet about music stored locally in which case you guys will need to fix the network detection first. Unbelievably frustrating to have the app tell me it can't play music that I know is stored on the watch, taking up space. In order to fix the issue I have to log out and log back in, which is incredibly tedious.

Re: Samsung Smartwatch Spotify App needs an update! Many issues and bugs


I experience the exact same thing, unfortunately. Offline mode does not work when not connected to Wifi. However, I have found a silly workaround.


To reproduce the bug, please try:

1. Create a playlist of 10 ish songs

2. Enable Wifi on watch and turn Spotify to Online mode

3. Find the playlist and download songs. (At this point everything works fine)

4. Disable Wifi and turn Spotify to Offline mode

5. Try to play all songs in playlist


Now it will either play the same song no matter which one you start, or it will simply not play anything.


The workaround is very cumbersome and really not a fix for the long run. That is to listen through the entire offline playlist once, while connected to Wifi and with Spotify is in online mode. The next time you enter offline mode, all songs in the offline playlist is available (If listening just for a couple of seconds on each song while connected, you will only get a couple of seconds from each song in offline mode as well).


Smartwatch: Samsung Gear Sport (SM-R600)

OS: Tizen

Spotify version: 1.2.1 (5.des 2017)


Please look into this and provide a new version of the app asap, as this is a severe bug which makes Offline mode basically useless. 


Thanks :)