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Samsung Watch App full of bugs (Gear S3 / Gear Sport / Galaxy Watch)

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Samsung Watch App full of bugs (Gear S3 / Gear Sport / Galaxy Watch)





 Tested in Germany and Sweden (as if that would make a difference...)


Samsung Gear Sport (tested), Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Galaxy Watch (there are threads describing these problems for these devices as well, but the search on this help forum is so terrible that I don't feel like doing your work)

Operating System

Tizen 3 and Tizen 4 (problem persits since Dezember 2017, when I got my watch)


My Question or Issue


Im finding the Samsung gear sport app almost unusable. Is anyone having the same issues? So far this is what happens at least once a week and it's usually while I'm running so can't sync with my phone. 


- offline music gets deleted

- stops playing to bluetooth earphones but looks like it's still playing.

- controls stop working and get stuck on one song.

- bluetooth headsets play button is not supported

- when the health apps voice takes over to say something like my KM distance it stops playing and does not start again. 

- no repeat in offline mode

- music starts playing after phone call

- difficulty logging in (although this is probably just terrible design, as it works for me by using a device password, which I set online on the spotify pages and then logging in with the Spotify option in the app, not with facebook, even though my account is a facebook account...)


Note that the default music apps works just fine with all these things. Note I am not talking about the connection to the phone. I am talking about the premium feature of standalone offline music (which is btw something the watch is advertised with).


Like a year ago I already went through some useless steps, like reinstalling the app on my phone (note that I am still talking about the STANDALONE OFFLINE mode, i.e. the phone has absolutely nothing to do with it).


I am honestly very disappointed by Spotify not updating this app a single time in over 2 years. The support is terrible and I have no hope of this getting fixed.

I can only advice everyone not to buy any Samsung Watch in the hope of using Spotify on it, as the app is a total mess. I dont know if this is Samsung's fault or Spotify's, but since Tizen at least gets updated once in a while, so I believe it's Spotify's.


There are numerous threads in this forum describing some or multiple of these issues:



I know there is probably no developer working on this app anymore, so there will not be any change. But I hope to stop some people from making the same mistake as I did and just switch away from Spotify and go for Android Wear, or Apple Music and go for an Apple Watch. Terrible experience overall.

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Re: Samsung Watch App full of bugs (Gear S3 / Gear Sport / Galaxy Watch)

Rising Star 16 JackD_
Rising Star 16

Hey @roym899 and thanks for reaching out the the community,


I have a gear S3 watch and use the Spotify app on it on occasion. I have not noticed this problem so I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling to the new version, If you want you can also create an idea in the Spotify community idea board.


Best of Luck,


JackD_Rising Star 16
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Re: Samsung Watch App full of bugs (Gear S3 / Gear Sport / Galaxy Watch)


@JackD_  Not sure what on occasion means. But are you using it during workout and offline? 


What "new version" are you talking about? There is no new version since 2017. And I gave it multiple shots always resulting in the same issues with different headsets, smartphones and Tizen versions. So it is hard to believe this is just an issue for me. (and I believe I provided enough evidence that I am far from the only one who has major problems with the app)

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Re: Samsung Watch App full of bugs (Gear S3 / Gear Sport / Galaxy Watch)


You're not the only one...I'm having the same issues.  My only work around is using the built in Tizen media player to control next, previous and pause functions.

The spotify app for the watch is practicly worthless.

Re: Samsung Watch App full of bugs (Gear S3 / Gear Sport / Galaxy Watch)


Any comment from Spotify officials? Will this ever be resolved?