Scribbling to Last fm


Scribbling to Last fm

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I am not sure if I'm posting in the right area but I am frustrated with scrobbling artist data to last FM and can't figure out how to fix it manually myself. Most of the time, if there are 2 artists, then only the first scrobbles. Great! But then sometimes they scrobble as a new artist (ex. Amon Amarth feat Doro), even though it should scrobble like others, just as Amon Amarth. Then I have some things scribbling as artist while others as composers. Why would Vivaldi scrobble as Epica when Epica does it but scrobble as Vivaldi when Max Emmanuel Cencic does it? And David Garrett sometimes scrobbles as David Garrett and sometimes as the composer. Is there a way to choose to always scrobble the first artist? Or a way to manually fix it myself? I get that no system is perfect but inconsistencies are the worst.

If this has been solved, can someone point me to a link?
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You used to be able to edit scrobbled data manually on the website, but either that option was lost in their redesign or the option is only surfaced when there is what itself determines to be incomplete information; either way I am unable to verify the existence of that option anymore. But if you go to your profile page on, see if it ever gives you an option to edit scrobbling data; I would suggest that, if it does exist, it would be hidden under the ellipsis menu (three vertical dots, seen only when hovering over a track).


As for having multiple artists, in my own experience it depends how Spotify surfaces the artists information. For instance, when Spotify comma-separates the artists ("[Artist A], [Artist B]") then it will only scrobble the first artist, whereas if the artist is actually listed as "[Artist A] feat. [Artist B]" then it will scrobble that as a separate artist. There's no option I've seen to change that behaviour within Spotify itself.


And I have no idea why Spotify or would interchange usage of labels for composers and artists, it's not an issue I've encountered.