Seriously guys, get your act together!


Seriously guys, get your act together!


The new (yes, yet another new version) self-updating Spotify just threw-away all my settings, tried to dump its storage in the wrong place again, tried to fool me into linking a facebook account, etc. etc. etc.  Your iPad app can't access the forced "my music" nonsense "feature" that no one wanted but now is forced to use, your radio feature is still abyssmal relative to everyone else's, etc. etc. etc.  It seems Spotify is spending all its start-up money on releasing new and worse versions with no QA of its desktop apps every other day instead of fixing things that everyone knows needs fixing.  The only thing that stands in the way of moving to another service is my laziness to create new lists on that other service.  How good of a business model is relying on customer laziness to move to the competition?


I used to love Spotify -- I used to recommend it to everyone and anyone -- I now recommend against it, and really loathe investing the time into finding its replacement, but Spotify keeps finding new ways to make me bother.  Can't you guys get it together?

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Desktop settings should definitely be saved (haven't seen any other reports of issues either) is there something special about your configuration? Also what version did it update too?

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