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Some Spotify Design Ideas


Some Spotify Design Ideas




I was bored and Photoshopped a little bit on Spotify.


1. Add a new Radio-/ Playlist Button

2. Easily remove Playlists with Mouse Hover

3. Back / Forward Button moved to the left 

4. Cleaner Design with the Profile + Settings (A Click on the Profile Image leads you to your Profile)

5. "Erweiterte Einstellungen" = Advanced Settings: Replace for the three little buttons up left

6. Transparent and bigger Window Buttons

7. Smaller and cleaner Scrollbar

8. More Options button is every time visible

9. Play / Pause button smaller / Originall Play / Pause button is now Shuffle


Opinions and criticism glady seen! :)


Work time: ~ 2 hours

Program: Gimp (boiii)