Songs disappearing...?


Songs disappearing...?


I've been on spotify for the last few months, and I've had a playlist I've made by one of my favourite artists since about then... However, in the last few days, a few of their songs have randomly disappeared from my playlist and from the artist's actual homepage. The majority of the other songs are there, but one EP has just casually disappeared!? How come?


Also, side note, how come some songs aren't available in the UK but they are in say New Zealand.. I've noticed from the NZ charts a bunch of the stuff I can't access here, and it doesn't matter whether they're a big international band, or some small NZ band, most are greyed out... 😕


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Re: Songs disappearing...?

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They maybe serveral reasons why you cannot access certain songs. It might of just been a bug in the system which might correct itself shortly. It could be that Spotify has run into a problem and due to the aggreement they made with this said artist/label. That they had to remove it. I honestly don't know, it might come back within a few weeks. If not i suggest you e-mail support they will probably respond to your eniures far faster then on this fourm. 


Regarding this New Zealand problem. The aggreement to have these songs on the service might of only applied to New Zealand and not the UK. Which is a shame.

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Re: Songs disappearing...?

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@SuperWisdom is exactly right. If anything disappears from Spotify it's because the label has requested it be removed, and yes there are restrictions in the licensing between various countries, so it's very common for an album to be available in one and not another.


Please refer to this thread for more details, and you'll also find a link to contact Spotify regarding your request for music to be added back. Contacting labels/artists if possible is always a good thing to consider as well.

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