Sound quality of the Playstation 4 PS4 app?


Sound quality of the Playstation 4 PS4 app?



What is the dealio with the sound quality of the ps4 app? Really shrill and unpleasant to listen. Are the highs distorting or boosted in a quite curious way? Put on cowboys from **bleep** or the real thing and your years are in for a bad time. Anyone with a pair of working ears and even the littlest crumb of passion for audio quality suffers from this atrocity.


To conclude: the sound quality of spotify's ps4 app is so bad, I can't listen to it as background music for gaming. Why?

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Re: Sound quality of the Playstation 4 PS4 app?

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Hey @TeppoWinnipeg! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Are you still experiencing this issue? 

If yes, please try to reinstall the app from your console. 

And be sure to check if there is an firmware update ready for Playstation 4. ^^




Re: Sound quality of the Playstation 4 PS4 app?


Hello there, Yes I've done all the reverse work in an atempt to fix the "Noise suppressor" effect issue that exists during play back on the PS4 version of the Spotify app. It appears to limit the noise when that audio reaches a perticular clip threshold, but everyone wants the sound to be consistant regardless of the source quality. It's even more apparent where listening to older music where the mixing levels may not be up to todays standards of leveling within the clipping threshold.


and yes Panter's CFH sounds garbage due to the higher levels near the clipping range. 


I think the Sony need to lower the level of the "Noise suppressor" on their PS4 console