[Spotify Connect] Need to be on same wifi network ?


[Spotify Connect] Need to be on same wifi network ?




I'm plannig to buy a spotify connect speaker (Sony SRS x7) but I have one small question first.

I'm used to switch with Spotify Connect between my android phone and my computer (which is btw an awesome feature). When I do that I don't have to be on the same network, my phone is over 4G and my computer is over wifi, it work because my two spotify are open and linked to the same account.


However, when I read spotify help about Spotify Connect for speaker, it seems I have to be on the same network to send music to a speaker.


Can you confirm that ?

So the speaker, unlike a computer or a phone, is not connected to my account and I will not able to drive the speaker over the internet like I do with the spotify software ? Spotify just detect it on the WLAN..


Thanks a lot 

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