Spotify Connect and wired Yamaha 3075


Re: Spotify Connect and wired Yamaha 3075

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It should work over any connection, I can control my Pioneer speaker over 3G.

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Re: Spotify Connect and wired Yamaha 3075


Yes, Spotify have now changed their story.

Yamaha say it is probably a router port setting.


Looking around I am seeing the following about Port forwarding




I have run a port scan and this port is not listed as enabled.


I have gone into my router port forwarding settings (Cisco Model DPQ3925)

However I am not sure how to enter the info above.

In port forwarding which IP should I be choosing?  The Yamaha IP on my network?

Also what do I do with the IP addresses?  No idea what to do with the prefix length value either.  My router manual has no mention of prefix lengths, so don't knwo how or where to enter,


A little shocked it is this hard to get connect working!