Spotify Connect - weird new issues


Spotify Connect - weird new issues

Casual Listener

Any help is greatly appreciated - thanks!



Family Premium





Galaxy S9, Spotify web player, or Spotify desktop (on Windows 10)

playing through Spotify Connect to:

Yamaha RX-V675 or Raspberry Pi running Moode Audio

Operating System

Android and Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Sometime in the past week, Spotify Connect started behaving badly (after years of working just fine). In the player, I can see the list of my playback devices, but when I select one, the client UI gets stuck in the "connecting" state. If I switch back to "This Computer" and click play, then select the alternate device, the music will start streaming to the new device, but the client still indicates "connecting" and I lose the ability to control the playback from the client. I can only control the playback through the playback device's controls. This seems to be an issue with Spotify connect regardless of which client I use (Android, Win10 desktop, or web UI) and regardless of which device I'm trying to play through (Raspberry Pi running Moode Audio, or Yamaha AV receiver).