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Spotify Free Mobile Streaming Help?


Spotify Free Mobile Streaming Help?


Hey guys, 


                 I just installed spotify on my Windows Phone 8 device after receiving an email from spotify about free mobile with restrictions. However, it keeps saying that im on a 2 day trial, so how do I avail of this service after the trial period has ended?? Thanks Spotifiers. I have included a copy of the email and a screen shot of the issue.


  Great news! Spotify is now free on your mobile. And we don’t just mean a trial – we mean free. Forever.With our free mobile app, you can…
Listen to your playlists on shuffle
Shuffle play any artist's entire catalogue
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You can also listen for free on tablet too. Play any song, any time.To get great music on the go, help yourself to the latest Spotify app. 




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Re: Spotify Free Mobile Streaming Help?

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Spotify free on mobile devices only applies to iOS and android I'm afraid. 


Be sure to add your kudos to this very popular ideas topic if you would like to see this also on Windows Phone 8.

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