Spotify Freezing On Beats Headphones


Spotify Freezing On Beats Headphones








Operating System

(iOS 11)


My Question or Issue

 Everytime I connect my beats to my spotify and am listening to music at first everythings good and I'm able to listen to my music fine but eventually when I pause it, it freezes and wont let me play my music, I've tried pressing play on my headphones, on my lock screen, and on Spotify but it won't let me play music. it gets stuck and won't let me go to the home screen or shuffle. I can only skip to the next song but when I do the numbers indicating the song start and end time disapear and horizontal lines replace that. Only way to fix this is to close the app and reopen it but it'll get stuck once again the moment i pause. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and its still the same. I've tried my headphones with my phones music app and it doesn't get stuck. Is there any way to fix this?