Spotify Integration for Algoriddim DJay Pro


Spotify Integration for Algoriddim DJay Pro

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I hear rumours that Spotify will no longer be integrated with Algoriddim djay from 1st July 2020 onwards, is this true?  What are you able to tell me about this?  Do you have plans to integrate with any other DJ software (e.g. Serato, Rekordbox etc.) in the future?


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Hello there!


Algoriddim has now officially announced that their integration will be deactivated, as you can see here. Therefore, from July 1, 2020, Spotify will no longer be playable through 3rd party DJ apps.

I hope this helps and have a nice day 🙂

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Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out and voicing your concerns.

We can confirm that throughout 2020 Spotify will cease to be playable through 3rd party DJ apps. It's possible that for some users the service remains active a while longer, however it's not officially supported and we can't guarantee that it'll function properly. We always take retiring features in Spotify very seriously and we’re pouring our energy into new ways of creating the best experience for our users. We'll share any news on the matter on this page, as soon as there are any. 


In the meantime, you can post an idea on our board that requests that the integration with 3rd party DJ apps gets reintroduced. You can learn how do to this here. The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see how popular a certain idea is with our users and helps us constantly improve the app. You can learn more about it here.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

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Not recommending this at all, and sadly it’s a big middle finger to algoriddim who are NOT the problem


but cracked copies of djay pro still work with Spotify just fine...


ive now also binned off Spotify - I now use YouTube music to find new music (has wayyyy more tunes than Spotify anyway!) and started using rekordbox and buying music slowly over time (also buying old CDs on Amazon and ripping them down - can buy 2-3 triple albums a month for the same cost as a Spotify subscription!) 


I still don’t get why Spotify made this decision other than possible pressure from labels - instead of just making a function which made its users and the labels happy

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I've been successfully using T I D A L since I lost the use of Spotify. It works great!


Tidal.  And you get the videos as a plus too!

subscribe now

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I’d just like to say that I’m still super salty about this, Spotify. 


Just circling back on this - as of this morning I can still use my Spotify through Djay Pro - anyone else has this?

I am not complaining!! 

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Yep, still working for me today. 😄


Unless I missed it, I wish they would tell us what's going on. I'm ready to switch to Tidal as soon as Spotify stops working on DJay Pro. I'm also moving to listening to lossless audio and the fact Spotify doesn't support that, is making me more and more tempted to leave. 


This is hugely disappointing to learn about. I've considered doing a bit of home dj'ing for years and  just decided to get an entry mixer as I finally had the finance. In researching the one I got I watched quite a few online videos about Spotify integration, granted they were from 2019 (!) but I didn't realise this has now stopped. What a bummer.


I effectively ditched my hard music library and have just focused on expanding my like tracks/albums and playlists on Spotify catalogue so I have nothing recent to use. 


Can anyone from the company confirm that there is definitely going to be no solution to this going forward? If not, what a disappointment for what has otherwise been a really great service. 



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I'll migrate to Tidal unfortunately 😞

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Will Spotify have its own DJ app? Or can you DJ from any existing apps besides DJay?

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Not when the gear works with djay and Spotify is what you have already paid for because the foolish past version of myself trusted Spotify.

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is gear another streaming app.  Breaks my hart I have been a huge fan of spotify from day 1 .  But if i can Dj with my paid for spotify music I will have to buy my music else where.   for the fists time in years I am look for a new music service.  Is their a copy right reason for the change.  I would gladly pay more for a pro DJ  license to fulfill extra fees for Artists to get payed more for the music I use. 

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I am also a fan of Spotify integration in Djay. I bought all my equipment, thousands of dollars to give fun to my friends.

Spotify, please come back with a solution for us.

You cannot give up on DJs.

We trusted you since the beginning and that’s why we chosed Spotify.

Give us the possibility to have a DJ account for none commercial use.
Give a price, that’s it.

You cannot do this, that would be a real treason.

Please come back to us with good news.


In fairness, as far as I remember Spotify was quite clear that even with djay pro, public use of Spotify on djay pro was still prohibited where as from what I can see with tidal, the responsibility lies with the venue holder to have the correct public performance licenses (PRS PPL in the uk for example)
Perhaps Spotify were getting miffed that algoriddim weren’t hot on stopping people from publicly using Spotify to DJ.

Ah well, it still works at least for now - which is kind of annoying as I don’t know if I should cancel my tidal subscription (I hate that it has no public playlists, and no auto analyse feature) or continue to bin off Spotify as a matter of principal
I guess only time will tell

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It would be an agreeable feature though. It would make up for any accidental or unintentional unlicensed use of the artist’s’ material. Like a Spotify Pro account.

Pacemaker still utilizes Spotify. Djay may soon be over. As of 7/3/2020 however Spotify is still on Djay.

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The problem there is a, that turntable and djay are very very different apps resulting in very different end products for your mixing. And b, the ceo of turntable has also released statements saying their very disappointed with this Spotify decision.

“ Of Spotify's change in policy regarding DJing apps, Pacemaker CEO Jonas Norberg says in a new blog post: “Spotify has been a great partner and we're saddened by the news, but we of course respect their business decision”.May 14, 2020”

I don’t respect their “business decision” personally. It’s kinda like when the **bleep** moved to gas instead of bullets because it would cost less. Great business decision guys.

I have no idea why it’s still working after all this build up.. it’s almost like they didn't realise how many **bleep** off people there are hoping they get sued if they do drop support for so many people that were giving them money for premium subs..

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Well I’m glad that we have more time with this experience. It’s been great to enjoy music this way and the sunset hasn’t finished yet. So might as well appreciate what we all have still. The best of all worlds.


I think it would be a good idea for Spotify to purchase Serato’s Pyro. At least for the automixing capabilities, along with Spotify’s Group Session mode I think it would be a wonderful synergy to the session experience. The interface / gestures of bubbling songs up to the top of a queue is great too especially when you have a drink in one hand and your phone in the other.

DJay really enhances the Spotify experience bur that would be a bit of a stretch to replicate. I hope they consider all the feedback from this forum.


All the best and stay safe!

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  Not solved at all.  Here's a question you might be able to help with, though.  Why should I continue my Spotify service after I've picked up Tidal by necessity and also have Apple Music and Bandcamp for investigative listening?  You're just a redundant waste of money now.  Convince me otherwise.


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You’re totally right. Their just thriving your money now. Drop their
subscription and spend the money on gear 🙂