Spotify On Chromebook!!


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I've had Spotify on my Chromebook for the past 3 years now and have never had a problem until last night when I went on to listen music and nothing would play.  I have tried uninstalling the app and logging out many times but nothing has worked, it is still stuck on the same song, without playing it. 

adjust chromebook keyboard volume

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hello I own and work on chromebook keyboard shortcuts to adjust the sound does not work when I balance the sound on my sonos

Re: Spotify On Chromebook!!

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On my old Chromebook I was able to download the desktop version of Spotify, which gave me access to the friendfeed. 


I have a new Acer Chromebook which evidently only allows for the simple, pared back, webplayer. 


I tried downloading a desktop version and my laptop won't allow for it. Does anyone know how I might resolve this issue. ...perhaps a round about way to get the desktop installation?