Spotify Web Player "Squeaking" in Firefox


Spotify Web Player "Squeaking" in Firefox







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

These squeaks happen on many different songs, the ones in the clip I provided are the worst I've experienced.

They always happen in the same exact spot every single time and only in Firefox, I've tried Chrome and the Desktop App and both of them negate the issue.


I've tried:

  • Reinstalling Firefox
  • Reinstalling/Using different Audio Drivers
  • Clearing Firefox Cache
  • Disabling Hardware Acceleration
  • Disabling All Add-ons
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Re: Spotify Web Player "Squeaking" in Firefox

Spotify Legend

Hey @iforgotwho, help's arrived. 


If we understand you correctly, this happens only with certain tracks, but most tracks work with no issues. Is that correct? 


If so, you can report it to make sure the right team knows about it. Check out this help article for more info.


All the best!


Re: Spotify Web Player "Squeaking" in Firefox


Oh my GOD. I've been having this problem for months! I thought it was a problem with the headphone jack on my laptop because it was happening with every set of earphones I tried, but only ever in the right ear. It was only today when I was working on a different PC that I realised it was happening there too and I thought to Google if it could be a problem with Spotify. I don't have the desktop app installed, but the squeaking in the webplayer is pretty much unbearable at times. I find it happens with most tracks, but mainly ones that are louder/less gentle. Pls fix this, it's infuriating lol.