Spotify and Onkyo TX8050: knock out.


Spotify and Onkyo TX8050: knock out.

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As of July 20th, 2017 Spotify has ceased function on certain 2011 model year Onkyo network receivers, components and mini-systems. Spotify has notified registered users of this change. 

Affected Models:

A/V Receivers: TX-NR509, TX-NR579, TX-NR609, TX-NR709, TX-NR809, TX-NR1009, TX-NR3009, TX-NR5009, HT-R690, HT-R990

Home Theater System: AVX-690, HT-S9405, HT-S6405

Stereo Receiver: TX-8050

A/V Controller: PR-SC5509

Mini-System: CR-N755

Network Tuner: T-4070

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Re: Spotify and Onkyo TX8050: knock out.


I've an Onkyo CR-N755 network receiver.  This also can't log in to Spotify since mid July.  I was told by Spottify "chat support" that Onkyo network receivers are no longer supported by Spotify.  It looks like a lot of other makers devices including "speakers" are no longer supported.   Without this, Spotify is no use to me and is not meeting my need as a customer.   

So can Spotify be persuaded to reverse this (e.g. by online petition)?   Would anybody like to start a petition? 

Re: Spotify and Onkyo TX8050: knock out.

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It's annoying that I have two 5009's, and a Premium account.  As soon as the Vodafone account runs out, that's it.  I have heard Apple Music is the one to go for these days. 

Re: Spotify and Onkyo TX8050: knock out.


I have to say that I sincerely hope that there was a HUGE technological issue that caused you to sratt blocking the TX8050 because I think it was the Stupidist decision EVER.